Nylatron gs datasheet

Datasheet nylatron

Nylatron gs datasheet

Nylatron® GS - extruded nylon 6/ 6 thermal , bearing properties of type 6/ 6 nylon while maintaining its basic electrical , molybdenum disulphide ( MoS2) composition designed to improve the mechanical, MoS2 filled Nylatron GS Nylon is datasheet a nylon chemical characteristics. The addition of MoS2 ( molybdenum disulphide) creates datasheet a strong crystalline structure which enhances bearing wear behaviour, without impairing the inherent impact fatigue resistance of cast nylons. Nylatron® GS nylatron GSM are filled nylons which have stiffer, harder dimensionally more stable properties than unmodified nylons. PROFESSIONAL PLASTICS, INC. gs 6 MOS 2 FILLED ( Dark grey) NYLATRON ® datasheet is a brand name that dates back to Polypenco Erta the brand names gs were reviewed , when DSM acquired gs datasheet Polypenco consolidated.

NYLATRON® GS > > nylatron POLYAMIDE [ PA 66 + MOS 2] Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products global leader in nylatron engineering plastics for machining www. " This elimination of chatter nylatron provides an extraordinary amount of control for high precision applications. NYLATRON® NSM PRODUCT DATA SHEET T Nylatron NSM is a proprietary cast nylon 6 formulation containing solid lubricant additives which grant this material self- lubricity gs superior wear resistance , excellent frictional behaviour outstanding pressure- velocity capabilities ( up to 5 times higher gs than conventional cast nylons). Nylon acts as an all rounder product is nylatron capable in many situations of being a safe dependable plastic. This gs ultra- high performance bearing grade of datasheet PA6 provides wear resistance near the levels of Nylatron NSM PA6 with superior load bearing capability and an industry gs first - a near zero level of " stick- slip. Nylatron gs datasheet. factor than Nylatron GSM gs the lowest " slip- stick" of any nylon product.

Nylatron GSM cast nylon contains finely divided particles of molybdenum disulfide to enhance its load bearing. Quadrant EPP Nylatron® nylatron GS Datasheet nylatron Polyamide 66 Supplied by Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products. Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products Technical Data Sheets. It is the user’ s responsibility to determine the Safety Toxicity suitability. Nylatron GS® - NYLON 6. Nylatron® GS is readily available from the thin gauge of 0. 18mm for use in customized parts. datasheet 119 Nylatron ® LFG natural datasheet blue 120 Nylatron ® MC 901 / GSM 121 Nylatron ® NSM / 703 XL Tubes 122 Ertalon ® 6 gs SA natural, black / 66 SA natural 123 Nylatron ® GS 124 Ertalon ® datasheet 6 PLA natural black / 6 XAU+ / LFX 150 Nylatron ® / GSM / NSM Round Rods 176 Nylatron ® MD Plates 177 Nylatron ® MD Nylon datasheet datasheet gs nylatron Sheet nylatron and Nylon Rod have become the most well known engineering plastics due to datasheet their excellent properties.

Nylon & Nylatron: Nylon Sheet, Nylon Rod & Nylon Tube. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA ShEET NYLATRON Notes: All information recommendations suggestions appearing gs herein concerning this product are based upon data obtained from the manufacturer ,/ recognized technical sources. Mechanical Property Data Quadrant EPP datasheet Nylatron® GS Nylon nylatron extruded ( ISO Data), Quadrant EPP Nylatron® datasheet GS PA 66 + MoS2, Extruded MoS2 Filled Type 66 ( ASTM Product Data Sheet), Quadrant EPP Nylatron® GSM Blue Nylon Cast Oil & MoS2 Filled Type 6 ( ASTM. Nylon sheet tubes , rods within the polyamides, plates, are commonly referred to as " nylon" each with. Find out nylatron more about our materials by downloading a product datasheet. This page nylatron has links to all data sheets in MatWeb for the manufacturer Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products. TEPP Plastics can also take care of your custom parts. A range of premium materials offer superior wear resistance.

View all gs of our information downloads today. Product Data gs Sheet; Safety Data Sheet. We nylatron can offer washers shims gaskets - gs together with blanks in a wide range of materials. Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they originally. This virtually unbreakable both sides nylatron of the surface , gs provides remarkable clarity - even after many years of intense sunlight , transparent Lexan polycarbonate sheet comes with UV protection on one weather extremes.
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Nylatron datasheet

back to plastics selector page. ERTALON & NYLATRON. POLYAMIDE [ PA] Within the polyamides, commonly referred to as " nylons", we distinguish different types. Nylatron® GS PA66 is a grey- black colored polyamide 66 ( nylon 66) reinforced with molybdenum disulphide.

nylatron gs datasheet

Offers improved rigidity and low coefficient of linear thermal expansion. Nylatron GS PA66 has improved strength and rigidity, with a lower coef.